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£96 Beginners Course

We offer a beginners course of three hours of lessons

For an incredibly low price of just £96!

The course will follow a set syllabus and can be taken either as a single 2 hour period, followed by the final 1 hour slot, or two 1.5hr periods.

The beginner's course will cover the following topics:

  • License details recorded & eyesight checked.
  • Introduction to the car, the 'Cockpit Drill' and Safety Checks.
  • Introduction to the Car Controls.
  • P.O.M. routine. (Preparation, Observation, Manoeuvre)
  • M.S.M routine, (Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre)
  • Introduction to - Moving off & Stopping. (M.O.A.S)
  • Using 1st and 2nd gear and driving smoothly.
  • Practice Sessions.
  • Introduction to left and right turns.
  • Introduction to emerge left and right.

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